LDA Audio Tech to Feature NEO firmware v40 at ISE 2022

LDA NEO ONE EN54 SystemsLDA Audio Tech comes to Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) with exciting news about their EN54 public address, background music and voice evacuation portfolio. One of the most anticipated will be the preview of NEO firmware v40, whose launch is scheduled for after the show and which will bring new functions and a fully renewed core for these systems.

With this major update, NEO will be safer, more reliable and faster, and will improve its connectivity with accessories and fire panels.

Along with NEO, ISE will also feature NEXO, the audio converter that provides all LDA systems based on NEO and ONE with an external control and monitoring interface capable of working with AES67 (compatible with Dante) in audio over IP level 3.

With these two highlights, LDA Audio Tech will show its new developments to meet the new needs of the market in the world’s largest trade show for AV systems integration.

LDA will be accompanied by some of their partners at ISE. Gräf & Meyer is the main partner in Central Europe and works as LDA Audio Tech’s local agent in Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland. Their representatives will be at LDA stand during the show.

Representatives from Detnov will also be at the stand, where there will be demonstrations of their fire alarm panels working together with LDA’s EN54 systems. Detnov is a specialized brand in fire detection systems and collaborates with LDA in the integrated platform Atalaia Alliance.

NEXO, ACSI v2 and new EN 54-24 loudspeakers

For more than 2 years, LDA Audio Tech has been working on the development of the encrypted AES67 protocol, which is now bearing fruit with NEXO.

NEXO is very easy to integrate and configure in all kinds of installations. It expands the capabilities of LDA systems in large projects, allowing them to connect up to 64 networked microphones and convert their signal within the AES67/Dante ecosystem. And another big connectivity advance for them will also arrive this year when LDA will launch the new version of its proprietary communications protocol: ACSI v2.

ACSI v2 is the basis of the NEXO comms protocol and the upcoming microphones and fire alarm panels made by LDA. It will be progressively implemented in all current LDA devices, starting with the NEO series through their new firmware v40.

This will increase their connection capabilities and will allow them to multiply the number of microphones, distribute them through IP networks, create multi-site systems and help integrations with third-party systems.
LDA Audio Tech will also give a sneak peek of their new EN 54-24 certified speakers, designed to meet the latest specifications for airports, malls, corporate buildings, logistics centres, transport networks, and more.
ISE will also serve as a showcase for the new version of the SIME software, the proprietary platform for the public address and voice alarm systems manufactured by LDA. The app will be completely renewed this year, with an updated interface that will improve the user experience and functionalities.

ISE will be the third major international exhibition of 2022 in which LDA participates after Intersec Dubai and SICUR Madrid. A long-awaited return to presence after almost two years of hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, which is reinforcing the brand’s position as a leading Spanish manufacturer of EN54 certified public address, background music and voice alarm systems.
LDA has also been present in other industry shows such as Sicurezza Milano, Securexpo Kenya and Proteger Lisboa.

With four decades of experience, LDA Audio Tech is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of audio, public address and voice alarm systems for evacuation. It was the first company in Spain to achieve the demanding certification EN 54-16 and nowadays has become an international benchmark exporting to more than 50 countries around the world.

The two main product ranges of LDA Audio Tech are NEO, a high-end and advanced EN 54-16 certified PA/VA system for large and demanding projects, and ONE, the most compact and cost-effective EN54 PA/VA system in the market, suitable for multi-zone installations with minor power requirements.

Learn more at lda-audiotech.com.