LDA Audio Tech Reveals ISE 2023 Plans

lda audio tech ise 2023

LDA Audio Tech‘s new EN54-certified public address and voice evacuation systems will be on display in stand 7F500 in hall 7. In addition, the booth will showcase the new loudspeakers that LDA is launching this year, models that cover the needs of all types of public address and voice evacuation installations and which will also be EN 54-24 compliant.

These are two new ceiling loudspeakers, two horn speakers and three directive columns that complete the brand’s range with new features and designs:

  • NB-50TN (5″ and 6 W) and CH-62TN (6.5″ and 30 W) ceiling speakers.
  • PS-15TN (15 W) and PS-30TN (30 W) exponential projectors.
  • VTX-15TN (15 W and 2 drivers), VTX-60TN (60 W and 8 drivers) and VTX-90TN (90 W and 12 drivers) column speakers.

NEO+ is also scheduled to arrive in 2023. It is a new generation of NEO, the flagship of the brand, a high-performance public address and voice evacuation system, EN54 certified and manufactured in Spain. NEO+ will feature a new ETX module with AES67 layer-3 audio over IP technology for transmission and reception (Tx/Rx). AES67 is an open protocol that can be used freely and enhances the integration capabilities between systems and communication with third-party technologies in complex installations. LDA says NEO+ will improve the way the system is controlled by user authentication, which will increase its security and reliability. LDA’s R&D team has developed a proprietary implementation that will allow remote login and monitoring of active connections.
The new generation will also have retro-compatibility with previous versions, as older systems can be upgraded by replacing the ETX module card.

LDA ONE, the most compact and cost-effective EN54 public address and voice alarm system on the market, will also bring new features in 2023. Customised languages can be added to the system’s display and its enclosure will be improved, with a detachable rear plate for easy maintenance and connection to accessories. It will also offer a new PTT input with supervision and an upgrade to the ACSI v2 protocol for future devices.

The cloud-based central monitoring ecosystem for LDA’s EN54 systems is scheduled to be rolled out in 2023. This will enable them to be configured and remotely supported via the internet, securely audit system access through an Audit Trail and monitor their status and integrity.

This ecosystem will consist of three modules: a secure device for connecting systems to the cloud, software for monitoring and controlling local LDA systems, and an administration function for users and systems.

ISE will also showcase the new v3 version of SIME, LDA’s integration platform for monitoring, configuring and managing its EN54 systems. The application will be revamped with improvements to the user interface, new, more intuitive menus and icons, and the ability to be customised for each specific project.

SIME v3 will have a configuration mode with an administrator window to add new equipment and access to modify equipment, sources and zones. It will also integrate with third-party systems through different protocols (SNMP, UDP, OPC, MODBUS…) and will allow remote maintenance tasks in the cloud.