Latest Bluescape Release Advances Collaboration With Enhanced Virtual Workspaces


SAN CARLOS, Calif., January 24 2018 — Bluescape™, a pioneer in visual content collaboration, today announced the latest release of their software that enables dispersed teams to innovate, iterate and deliver new products faster. With a focus on improving the way teams work with multiple, different types of content during a project, the release introduces new features—Canvas, Bluescape Clipboard and Layout—meant to evolve its virtual workspace solution.

“With each release of Bluescape, we move individuals and teams further towards realizing a digital workspace experience that reflects how they want and need to work, without the restrictions imposed by today’s technology and data silos. This release is a significant step forward,” said Peter Jackson, CEO of Bluescape.

Bluescape’s newest features improve the process by enhancing workspace structure, persistence and accountability:

  • Canvas provides easier workspace navigation and a more cohesive shared experience of content. Instead of a pinpoint location, Canvas defines a windowpane view of diverse content assets that makes it simpler for teams to work with a shared collection of assets as a whole, rather than by individual content type.
  • Bluescape Clipboard allows you to copy content from one workspace to another, making it easier to share the same content in different workspaces with different teams. Once copied, the content persists on your clipboard until the next copy you make—the difference being that the content is directly tied to your account, and supports any Bluescape workspace elements.
  • Layout adds a new element of structure to the workspace with the ability to align and arrange content within a grid. In addition to tightening visuals for presentation, Layout supports teams that require specific structural elements to define workflows.

“We try to identify patterns, and derive solutions from them, rather than just churn out features,” said Andy Markham, vice president of product management for Bluescape. “As a result, we’re able to keep introducing new modes of ideation, design and content experience that support a range of ways users want to work and collaborate and incrementally knock down the barriers to innovation and progress. ”