The Last InfoComm Blog [Infographic]

Wow, what an InfoComm!

Although the show was barely 45-days ago, the aftereffects are still being felt like tremors following an earthquake. We shot over 1300 videos of new products that debuted on the show floor- an industry record- we recorded over 25 InfoComm-related podcasts, blogged some 100 or so times, wrote news stories on many of the new gear that debuted at the June behemoth in Vegas and we shot over 1000 photos of products, people and booths. And, all of it is aggregated in one place – right here:

Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, just a couple of weeks ago, we awarded 30-some companies with the Best of InfoComm Awards for their new wares. You can see the entire list which includes a ground-breaking product for SMART Technologies as we gave them the overall Best Of… award.

But, just last week, InfoComm’s own Jason McGraw passed on some staggering 2014 show stats that we thought you needed to see. So, we put them all in one easy-to-follow Infographic that explains why this was simply an amazing show: