Laser Projection, the Cinema Experience and 4K Topping Our Interests

cinemacon-nab-0314CinemaCon was last week and NAB is next week, but there has been no let up in the news flow from these events.  Let’s take a look.

CinemaCon was a watershed for news about the future of the cinema.  Laser projection was a hot topic we covered a few times:

Christie Takes a Different 6p Laser Projector Approach
Barco Begins Selling Laser Cinema Projector
NEC Goes Laser Phosphor for Their Next Gen Cinema Projector

There were new introductions of 3D polarization light doublers by MasterImage and Lightspeed Design, but that did not sit well with RealD, who claimed patent infringement and served up a lawsuit against Volfoni and MasterImage.  Both had already received cease and desist orders, as had Lightspeed Design.

RealD Files Patent Lawsuits Against MasterImage 3D and Volfoni Over RealD Cinema System Intellectual Property Rights

Barco made a big statement about the future of the cinema and we reported on activity in the 4D space — a trend to add other sensory inputs to the theatrical experience.

Barco’s Cinema of the Future is Exciting and Scary at the Same Time
MediaMation Announces Two Cinema Wins for its 4D/5D Motion Effects Technology
4D Cinema Experience Coming to LA Live Theater
What is the Next Big Thing in Cinema?
A 4D Experience Could be Coming to a Theater Near You

We also found an interesting company with a new subtitling technology: A Breakthrough in Subtitles for Cinema?

You can see full coverage of CinemaCon here.

On the NAB front, we have been busy adding press releases and updating or 4K at NAB directory. We have aggregated all of our 4K coverage (for NAB and beyond) in a special web site called the 4K Zone.

See related  Barco Promotes Jan van Houtte to Executive Vice President of Barco’s Meeting Experience Business Unit

So far, we have not seen a lot of 4K display news pre-announced for NAB, but we have seen a ton of encoding, transcoding, transport, distribution and processing news around 4K and HEVC. It is going to challenging to sort through all this, but we will try.

The fun continues this Saturday with the kick-off of the SMPTE-organized Technology Summit on Cinema — an event we always find informative and thought provoking — and more technical than CinemaCon.

For continuing NAB coverage you can also go to this link.