Larson Intros Low-Profile LED Canopy

Larson Electronics announced the release of a new low profile LED canopy light (LEDCPL-LP-500-MS-WCM). This quick mount LED features a compact microwave motion/occupancy sensor.

This low profile LED canopy light assembly consists of an integrated LED assembly paired with a polycarbonate lens to produce a wide light distribution suitable for replacing 250 watt metal halide flood lights. This quick mount canopy also features a two-piece housing that is constructed of die-cast aluminum alloy with an injected molded rubber gasket resembling that of traditional style canopy light fixtures. This housing allows for quick installation and future servicing, and the aluminum design helps with heat dissipation and increases LED longevity. This LED has been specifically designed to withstand demanding conditions and is IP65 waterproof for protection against rigorous outdoor environments. A microwave motion/occupancy sensor is available for automating operation and reducing energy consumption during periods of low activity. This fixture can be used indoors or outdoors, as well as in confined spaces without heat buildup.

Here are the details.