L-Acoustics Launches LA7.16 Amplified Controller


L-Acoustics just unveiled its road-ready LA7.16 amplified controller for live productions. The LA7.16 amplified controller offers flexibility to meet real-time power needs while offering efficiency and sustainability. The high-density format—16×16 architecture in a 2U design—powers more line array speakers than any similar-size amplifier, meaning fewer racks on tour. This, in turn, translates directly to energy and time savings, along with the ability to address multichannel and hybrid productions, while offering a level of efficiency and sustainability required in modern touring applications. The high-density format saves space, weight and time in deployment.

LA7.16 responds perfectly to the amplification needs of L Series, whose L2 and L2D elements contain 20 drivers and require 16 high-power amplifier channels and 16 state-of-the-art DSP channels. LA7.16 boasts a touch screen and an encoder wheel to rapidly set up initial parameters and a single SC32 connector on the rear for connecting loudspeakers. Using new connection accessories, LA7.16 powers any L-Acoustics line source array up to K2.

The new LA-RAK III touring rack houses three LA7.16 amplified controllers boasting 48 amplification channels and 48 individual DSP channels totaling more than 60,000 watts of peak power in a 9U rack, with two LS10 switches to support Milan AVB seamless redundancy.

Current amplifier technology is dimensioned to power all channels simultaneously over extended periods of time. However, in real-world applications, this kind of demand is rare. The LA7.16 amplified controller technology delivers power more efficiently and uses energy more effectively.

The LA7.16 ships in October 2023.

Here’s a demo video that details the specs at launch:

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