L-Acoustics Launches First Install-Specific Amplified Controller at ISE 2020

l acoustics amplifier 0220L-Acoustics launches its first install-specific amplifier controller at ISE. Primarily designed to power compact L-Acoustics loudspeakers, the bridgeable 4×4-channel LA2Xi offers anywhere from one to four outputs, allowing it to also drive medium and large format loudspeakers, in full or reduced SPL, for various types of applications. LA2Xi can power background music in leisure installations, distributed fill systems in performing arts centers, studio monitors, private auditoriums, etc.

LA2Xi allows the choice of a four-, three-, two- or one-output channel configuration. In 4×4 single-ended mode, it can drive up to 16 X4i or 5XT compact coaxial loudspeakers. In residential applications where maximum SPL is not required, LA2Xi powers a stereo pair of Syva and Syva Low colinear source loudspeakers. Bridge LA2Xi to 4×2 mode, and it powers A10i and A15i medium-throw line sources or KS21i subwoofers with 1,260 watts per channel. In 4×3 configurations, it can drive a pair of X8 reference monitors with an SB15m subwoofer. Bridging all channels in 4×1 mode powers one KS28 reference subwoofer with 2,550 watts.

Packaged in a 1U chassis for optimized rack space, LA2Xi was made for integration applications. Underneath the streamlined front panel lies the same DSP engine as the flagship touring LA12X amplified controller, including features for loudspeaker management, protection and monitoring, as well as a comprehensive set of tools for system adjustment and calibration. Milan-certified, LA2Xi offers analog and AES inputs as well as AVB with seamless redundancy. The rear panel contains terminal connectors for AES and analog inputs, loudspeaker outputs, plus four GPIO and a 24V DC backup power for the DSP card, enabling external control and monitoring and ensuring fast recovery in case of power loss.

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LA2Xi is here.

Here’s a video we shot of the LA2Xi Install-Specific Amplified Controller at ISE 2020: