KWIPPED Launches Web Platform Designed to Help AV Rentals

kwipped-0715KWIPPED is a brand-new online platform built to help AV companies source and rent specialized equipment. The rental marketplace aggregates rental demand for specialized commercial equipment using proprietary technology to streamline sourcing from a global network of AV rental suppliers. KWIPPED facilitates the process of sourcing and managing AV equipment rentals, navigating rental availability, execu ting rental contracts and coordinating delivery, which enables professionals to focus on their core business.

The platform is designed to accommodate the uniqueness of the AV rental sourcing process. Unlike traditional ecommerce, renting equipment must consider issues like insurance, security deposits, accessories, return shipping, replacement costs and the reliability of both the renter and the supplier of the equipment. Also, companies are often unaware that certain equipment is available for rent.

Participating suppliers are exposed to potential for business on a large scale. Suppliers can showcase their inventory for immediate rental transactions at or respond to requests for quotes for specific equipment. matches their inventory to the relevant renter requests, qualifies the renters, offers the first layer of customer service and takes the hassle out of the rental business. The end result, they claim, for suppliers is less equipment on the shelves and higher utilization rates.

Check out the platform here.