KRK Expands CLASSIC Line of Studio Monitors resizeimage 14

KRK announced the expansion of its CLASSIC line of studio monitors with the addition of 7- and 8-inch models. KRK’s CLASSIC product range was designed using concepts from the brand’s previous ROKIT lines from KRK at a lower price point.

KRK’s CLASSIC active two-way studio monitors include bi-amped Class A/B amplifiers with a built-in automatic limiter and a low-resonance enclosure for minimized distortion and colorization. With the optional ability to engage the +2 dB KRK Bass Boost, the CLASSIC line of studio monitors can hold true to the acclaimed KRK sound that music creators desire.

Like the CLASSIC 5, the new CLASSIC 7 and CLASSIC 8 utilize a 1-inch textile, soft-dome tweeter paired with either a 7- or 8-inch glass aramid woofer. KRK CLASSIC monitors feature a front-slotted bass port, which reduces boundary coupling and allows for flexible positioning within a room. It also is designed with a pre-installed hi-density foam pad to decouple the speaker enclosure from the surface, helping with clarity and accurate frequency response.

With high- and low-frequency controls, users can adjust the monitors’ sound to their environment and preference. Additionally, multiple input connections (XLR, ¼-inch, RCA) allow for universal connectivity, making it seamless to integrate CLASSIC monitors into any studio setup.