Krell Finally Launches Blu-ray Player

KrellBlu ray 0110

Dubbed the Evolution 555, Krell’s first Blu-ray pKrellBlu-ray-0110layer is packed withspecs that are hard to decipher – the one thing that we know for sure is that it does do everything that ALL other Blu-ray players do: it plays Blu-ray and standard DVD discs!

Here’s what Krell had to say about their player: “Featuring the acclaimed 12-bit Sigma Design VXP technology, this superior engine delivers the world’s highest quality video processing algorithms for noise reduction, de-interlacing, scaling, image enhancement and frame rate conversion. For the ultimate in audio performance, the Evolution 555 features the ESS Technology 32-bit Sabre Reference DACs connected to Krell differential Krell Evolution CAST analog circuitry. CAST, which is short for Current Audio Signal Transmission, is a proprietary method of sending audio signals between components in the current domain.”

OK, we’re not sure how to explain that to you, but all we can say is there’s only so much quality a Blu-ray disc itself has onboard to show you – so, apparently, this one shows it way, way better than a $450 player.

The Krell Evolution has 1GB of memory and an SD memory slot, is expandable to HDMI 1.4 and it’s networkable.  It will list for $15,000 and will ship by the end of June 2010.  For more information, go to: