Kramer Intros VP-470 3G HD-SDI Scaler

kramer-vp470-0314Kramer’s new VP-470 is a 3G HD-SDI scaler that up- or down-scales SD, HD and 3G HD-SDI signals to one of 16 resolutions (up to 1080p @60Hz). Kramer says it designed the scaler to be used in broadcast applications and that it can feed a production switcher, edit suite or router in a television studio. It has one SDI input and looping output for a local monitor on BNC connectors to accept an SD, HD or 3G SDI signal. Supported formats include SMPTE standards 259M (SDI), 292M (HD-SDI) and 424 M (3G HD-SDI). The VP-470 simultaneously outputs the scaled signal to two active outputs on BNC connectors.

The VP-470 features a built-in proc amp that can adjust the brightness, contrast and color of the output signal via the  on-screen display or front panel buttons. The VP-470 also has selectable output aspect ratio settings of Full (default), 16:9, 16:10, 4:3 or Best Fit and it has the ability to turn over-scan on or off.

Here are all the detailed specs.