Kramer Releases 32 Port 12G SDI Matrix Switcher with Interchangeable Inputs and Outputs

Kramer Electronics’ ASPEN−32UFX is a 32-port matrix switcher for SDI signals of up to 12G SDI. Each SDI port can be defined as either an input or output, allowing configurations such as a 1×31 distribution amplifier, 31×1 switcher, 16×16 matrix switcher or any other input-output combination. The ASPEN-32UFX can also be configured as a few smaller distribution amplifiers and switchers.

Kramer’s new matrix switcher features cable equalization with up to 984 feet (300 meters) for SD signals, 656 feet (200 meters) for 1.5G HD signals, 328 feet (100 meteres) for 3G and 6G signals, and 262 feet (80 meters) for 12G signals. The ASPEN-32UFX matrix switcher can store up to eight multiple salvos as presets to be recalled and executed. The ASPEN-32UFX also comes equipped with Kramer’s equalization and re-clocking technology to help the digital signal travel longer distances and has a maximum data rate of 12Gbps. The ASPEN-32UFX is easy to operate and control via the network using embedded web pages and through RS232 using a serial controller.

The ASPEN−32UFX is designed for rental and staging, live events, remote broadcast, broadcast studios, electronic field production and electronic news gathering. Here are all the specs.