Kramer Launches VW-4 Video Wall Driver

Kramer VW-4 Video WallKramer launched the VW-4, a hardware-based video wall driver for video walls within a closed system. The VW-4 delivers perfectly aligned content onto video wall displays of any size, with plug-and-play wired connectivity that requires no adjustments.

Using the VW-4’s one HDMI video input, you can drive up to four HDMI display outputs and support layouts from the classic 2×2 video wall right up to 8×8 for up to 64 displays. This scalability means that you don’t need to buy a 4×4 driver to create a 4×2 wall.

Users can configure the content to their displays using bezel correction technology to ensure the image is seamless across the screen and that no crucial data is lost in the seams. The real-time OS also accommodates HDCP and EDID management and the design of the unit features a quick setup option to have content on the screens in less than a minute using the DIP-switches.

The closed system makes the VW-4 ideal for security-conscious and mission-critical environments, such as in government buildings, financial applications and command and control centers.