Kramer Electronics’ VIA GO² Is Shipping

KramerKramer Electronics’ VIA GO² is shipping. The VIA Go² gives iOS, Android, Chromebook, PC and Mac users instant wireless connectivity with 4K and features content streaming with mirrored images and video playback (15 frames per second) while also allowing for iOS mirroring via AirPlay, Windows & Android mirroring via Miracast, as well as Chromebook mirroring.

Kramer says the VIA GO² has an intuitive user interface that enables device users to instantly connect to a main display without a dongle — also, 2.4 gigahertz/5GHz Wi-Fi and MIMO antennas establish and maintain a connection and the VIA GO² is aimed at remote collaboration. This allows distance participants to share content using Chrome and FireFox web browsers.

The VIA GO² is small (7×7 centimeters) and has both built-in Wi-Fi and wired LAN connectivity and includes 1,024-bit encryption for secure use on the internal network. The VIA GO² is also compatible with VIA Site Management Software — Kramer’s enterprise management solution.

The VIA GO² lists for $545.00.