Kramer Electronics Releases New Transmitter, Receiver Set

kramerKramer Electronics’ PT-2UT/R-KIT is a transmitter and receiver set for USB 2.0, RS-232 and audio signals over twisted pair with two-way power over cable. The PT-2UT transmitter converts the USB input signal for transmission over category cable. The PT-2UR receiver converts the transmitted signal back to a USB signal.

A wide variety of USB peripheral devices can be extended using the PT-2UT/R-KIT. These devices include cameras, touch screens, smart boards, hard drives, game controllers, audio devices, printers, scanners or HID (Human Interface Devices) such as a mouse or keyboard. Dual role devices such as smart phones and tablets, connected either to a transmitter-side USB host port or receiver-side USB device port, can communication with a remote host or peripheral pairing device.

The PT-2UT/R-KIT has remote and fast USB charging of peripheral devices when the receiver is powered by a power supply and standard USB charging when the receiver is powered by the transmitter via the category cable.

Applications for the PT-2UT/R-KIT includes room camera and sound bar extension in conference/meeting rooms and any USB 2.0 extension in education, corporate, manufacturing, and medical applications. The PT-2UT/R-KIT is $595.