Kramer Electronics Releases KIT-400 Auto-Switcher/Scaler Kit

kramer electronics kit 400

Kramer Electronics’ KIT-400 is an auto-switcher/scaler kit for 4K HDMI and VGA over HDBaseT. The KIT-400 extends video signals to up to 130 feet (40 meters) over CAT copper cables at up to 4K@60Hz (4:2:0) 24bpp video resolution and provides further reach for lower HD video resolutions. The full kit includes the KIT-400T transmitter/switcher and the KIT-400R receiver/scaler.

The KIT-400T transmitter converts the user-selected input signal into the transmitted HDBaseT signal. The KIT-400R receiver receives the HDBaseT signal, converts it to HDMI and up- or down-scales the picture to match the resolution of the HDMI monitor. The HDMI input on the receiver also provides installation options to add a VIA unit for wireless presentation.

The KIT-400 user interface enables users to fully automate meeting room elements by configuring lights, shades, devices and more to be activated by a range of triggers: including scheduling, input/output connectivity, routing and button pressing. By minimizing user intervention, Maestro room automation saves meeting prep time and minimizes human error before presentations. Users can also control devices connected to KIT-400 from the Kramer Aware interface on the KIT-400 embedded webpages.

PoC (Power over Cable) enabled, the KIT-400 lets you choose to power only one of the units and power the other unit of the receiver/transmitter pair over the HDBaseT extension.

The KIT-400 is $1,395.