Kramer Electronics and Calibre UK Partner

Logo-Kramer-Full-Color-Box-1113Kramer Electronics and Calibre UK have announced a global joint sales, supply, development and business co-operation agreement. Basically, Calibre’s proAV and broadcast products will be marketed and sold by Kramer sometime by the end of this year. That includes Calibre’s scalers, video processing products, warping, geometry correction and edge-blending with models for fixed installation and rental and staging, as well as products targeted at processing signals for LED video walls and television broadcast studios.

The agreement also appears to include a joint R&D plan where the two engineering departments will collaborate on new product development and, although specifics were not given, it does include new routing and control products.

This agreement covers world-wide sales for Kramer — and will, no doubt, help Calibre who is virtually unknown outside of Europe.

Kramer Electronics is here and Calibre is here.