Kramer Debuts HDMI Pattern Generator

Kramer’s new 840Hxl HDMI test pattern generator can generate 32 preset patterns, including several unique patterns incorporating motion, at 16 popular predefined resolutions — and, it has the ability to setup and store seven user-defined resolutions.

The 840Hxl can be used not only as a basic pattern generator, but also as an advanced HDMI troubleshooting device. The user can select the pattern, the resolution, the color depth and the color space of the output HDMI signal, either through the front panel buttons or the included computer software. The 840Hxl also has audio capabilities allowing the user to change the unit’s sampling frequency (44kHz, 48kHz, 88kHz, 96kHz, 176kHz and 192kHz) and bit depth (16 bit, 20 bit and 24 bit).

The 840Hxl has an HDMI output, five dual-function control buttons and two single-function buttons. It includes a USB port and RS−232 port for connecting to a controlling PC (PC control software is included). The unit has a two-digit display, power LED and an onboard EPROM option that saves the last unit settings.

Here are all the specs.