Kramer Adds New 14-Input Multi-Format Presentation Switcher

Kramer Electronics has announced a new member of Kramer’s line of multi−formaVP-28-0413t switchers, the VP−28.

The VP−28 is a 14−input presentation switcher that handles composite video, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, computer graphics video and stereo audio and microphone signals. The VP−28 operates as a 3×1 composite video, 3×1 HDMI, 3×1 computer graphics video, 3×1 DVI−I and 2×1 DisplayPort switcher, each with unbalanced stereo audio. The 3×1 DVI (digital) sections can be used for DVI signals or it can be used for 3 more computer graphics video (analog) signals using special breakout cables that are included with the device.

The VP−28 can operate as a 5×1 video switcher and a 14×1 audio switcher. The unit’s Audio Level Memory remembers and returns to the last audio level setting for each audio input signal during switching. It has button selectable options for condenser or dynamic microphones and microphone and audio mixing options, including muting of the master audio output when a microphone signal is sensed. The VP−28 is also HDCP compliant and HDTV compatible.

The VP−28 has flexible control options including IR remote, Ethernet and RS232 (supplied with PC control software), and two microphone inputs with a mixing facility. It’s housed in a 19” 1U rack mountable enclosure, with rack ears included.

The VP−28 is shipping now. For more information, click here: