Kramer Adds CAD Drawing Library for AV Systems Design

Kramer Electronics now has a DXF Drawing Library of files for CAD and other industry drawing programs.  These DXF (Data Exchange Format) files are available for download from the Kramer Electronics and Sierra Video web sites, and include every model in both the Kramer and Sierra Video product lines. 

The DXF Drawing Library gives designers product line drawings (of the front and back panel) for use in rack elevation illustrations. It also offers CAD blocks for use in signal flow and wiring diagrams.  Each drawing is provided in a standardized CAD format and gives you detailed product information, including model number and description, indications of directional and bi-directional lines of communication, as well as input, output, and control connector types and wiring schemes.

Kramer says that in addition to helping with the creation of CAD drawings, files in the DXF Drawing Library can be used to support sales and tech support by providing a visual representation of a product (such as the number and type of signal channels available and/or the necessary cabling requirements).

Kramer is also making the DXF Drawing Library available to manufacturers of drawing programs for dealers and system integrators that might be using one of these off-the-shelf A/V CAD programs.