Kramer Adds 4K UHD Active Fiber Optic High-Speed HDMI Cable with Removable Connectors

fiber-optic-cables-0416Kramer’s CLS-AOCH cables are plug-and-play HDMI active optical cables. CLS-AOCH cables support resolutions of up to 4K UHD over long cable runs (up to 100 meters) without the need for an external power supply or additional extenders. CLS-AOCH/XL is unique with its removable HDMI-A ends that allows the cable to be easily pulled through small conduits

Features include:

  • Video resolution — 1080p full HD, Deep Color 48-bit, 3D, 4K @30Hz (4:4:4), 4K @60Hz (4:2:0).
  • Embedded audio — PCM 8-channel, Dolby Digital True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio
  • HDMI compliance — HDCP, EDID, CEC
  • Construction — four optical fibers and six copper wires
  • No external power — Powers the active units via the HDMI connector, consumes only 0.25W (50mA @5V)
  • Very thin construction — 3.4-mm (0.13″) diameter
  • Small bending ratio — Only 6-mm (0.24″)
  • Pull strength — 500N (50kg)
  • Available length: 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 50 meters

Here are the details.