Kordz Adds PRO SlimCat Patch Cord BeltPak — Recyclable Paper Packs With Single Patch Cords


One of the most tedious exercises systems technicians face when installing networks is the removal of individual patch cords from their packaging. When an average residential networking job might require dozens of patch cords, the process of freighting, storing, unboxing and carrying traditional patch cord packaging equates to an incredible amount of time, space, clean-up and waste. Kordz has solved these nagging issues and reduced the average cost per patch cord by developing a compact, eco-friendly ‘belt’ that systems technicians can easily carry and open during installation.

Kordz just launched the PRO SlimCat Patch Cord BeltPak including a multipack strip of perforated, tear-off recyclable paper packs each containing a single patch cord. Each pack can be quickly torn open at one end — no knife necessary, according to Kordz — to extract the patch cord without bending it. The BeltPak comes in multiples of five or 10 patch cords, making it quick and easy for the systems technician to count and carry the exact amount needed for the job.

In addition to simplifying installation, the paper packaging of the BeltPak Patch Cords produces less waste for disposal and is 100% recyclable — even the cable ties are made of paper. Plus, the patent pending BeltPak design cuts shipping volume and costs significantly less. All things considered, the Kordz PRO SlimCat Patch Cord BeltPak delivers systems technicians incredible value on top of all the popular performance features of the PRO SlimCat line, such as the “snap-proof” connector.