Korbyt Anywhere Now Available on Zoom App Marketplace

korbyt anywhere zoom

Korbyt announced that Korbyt Anywhere is available on the Zoom App Marketplace. Korbyt users now have the ability to distribute content via the Zoom workflow.

Korbyt’s integration with the Zoom ecosystem is the first major product milestone since the company received a growth investment from Clearhaven Partners, a Boston-based private equity firm. The investment aims to “accelerate Korbyt’s growth trajectory by expanding partnerships, facilitating customer support growth, and catalyzing further innovation of Korbyt’s industry-leading, cloud-native SaaS platform, Korbyt Anywhere.”

Korbyt Anywhere is a cloud-based CMS for engaging employees via a range of channels, including digital signage, desktop, web, email and mobile devices. With native app integration creating a direct path into the Zoom ecosystem, conference room screens — even those not connected to media players — now have powerful management capabilities to share employee communications content throughout the organization seamlessly.

No new hardware is required to display content on conference room screens — simply download and install the Korbyt app from the Zoom App Marketplace. Users can then broadcast content to any network-connected screen via Zoom. The solution takes full advantage of AV equipment already in place, giving businesses a “hassle-free internal communications solution at no additional cost.”