Korbyt Anywhere Now Compatible With BrightSign Series 5 Media Players

korbyt anywhere brightsign

Korbyt announced that Korbyt Anywhere is compatible with the entire portfolio of BrightSign’s new Series 5 media players. The move follows extensive interoperability testing to ensure the Korbyt content management system (CMS) performs flawlessly not only with BrightSign’s latest hardware, but across the entire BrightSign ecosystem.

The integration between Korbyt’s CMS and BrightSign Series 5 enables delivery of content, with the ability to scale as user needs evolve. The BrightSign Series 5 lineup offers connectivity options at every level and every price point.

Whether it’s important announcements, company updates or recognition programs, Korbyt’s CMS works in tandem with BrightSign’s media players to ensure that employees receive the right information at the right time, resulting in heightened engagement and a more connected workforce.