KODAK Intros PIXPRO SP360 4K Aerial Pack With Made For SOLO 3DR Drone

kodak-drone-0616JK Imaging Ltd., the worldwide licensee for KODAK PIXPRO Digital Cameras and Devices, today announced the new SP360 4K accessory pack, featuring a made for SOLO Dual Camera Drone Mount. Answering the increasing demand from 3DR SOLO drone pilots who want to capture full spherical 360° VR video in an effortless workflow, the all new SP360 4K AERIAL Pack will give businesses and dedicated content creators the freedom and ability to redefine current aerial videos as we know them and move into creating full spherical 360° VR videos from entirely new vantage points.

The new SP360 4K AERIAL Pack will provide creators to enhance and produce their immersive 360° VR videos from the skies. The SP360 4K AERIAL Pack will be available in July for $999 US MSRP and comes with two SP360 4K VR cameras, a made for SOLO Dual Camera Drone Mount that places an SP360 4K on the top of the drone and one on the bottom, two standard housing mounts, dual camera mount, selfie pole, suction cup mount, and an RF Remote Control, to synch and control multiple devices (up to 8 SP360 4K VR cameras) for those wanting to record and render full 360° interactive spherical video. This new model will be available for purchase in the US here.  The same new made for SOLO dual camera drone mount will be available for purchase separately here for $169.99 US in mid-July, 2016.