Klipsch Takes on SONOS with New Stream Wireless Multi-Room System Using DTS Play-Fi

rsb-6-system-2-1116Klipsch announced today the new Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room Audio System — clearly aimed at the SONOS. Expanding into the wireless multi-room audio segment, Klipsch Stream distributes audio wirelessly from streaming internet sources, locally stored content and traditional audio sources. The Klipsch Stream app, available on iOS and Android, provides users control of all their music from any device to any room.

The Klipsch Stream system consists of six products, all featuring the DTS Play-Fi technology for high resolution wireless multi-room streaming over a Wi-Fi home network. Products include two sound bars (RSB-8 and RSB-14), a wireless speaker (RW-1), a table top stereo system (The Three) and two legacy source converters (Gate and PowerGate).

All products can be controlled via the Klipsch Stream app or the DTS Play-Fi app both available for iOS and Android. A Kindle version of the Klipsch Stream app will be available beginning in 2017.

powergate-product-4b-1116Klipsch Stream Reference Sound Bars:

Klipsch is introducing two Reference sound bars that feature Play-Fi technology and can be part of the Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room Audio system. All new Klipsch Reference sound bars feature HDMI input(s) and output with the ability to pass a 4K Ultra HD Video signal, as well as HDMI-ARC and CEC. Additional inputs include Bluetooth, optical and RCA.

The Klipsch Reference RSB-8 sound bar package features a 40” wide sound bar and 6.5” wireless subwoofer. The RSB-14, Klipsch’s top-of-the-line sound bar package, features a 44” wide sound bar and 8” wireless subwoofer as well as three HDMI inputs. Four (4) 2-1/2” mid range drivers and two (2) 0.78” tweeters in Klipsch tractrix horns provide unparalleled cinematic sound with deep, rich bass. As part of the Klipsch Stream multi-room wireless solution, both sound bars are easily controlled from the app and can sync with any other Klipsch stream products for a whole-home audio eco-system. The RSB-8 ($499) and RSB-14  ($699) are available now.

rw-1_1d-1116Klipsch Stream RW-1 Wireless Speaker:

The Klipsch Reference RW-1 Wireless Speaker, part of the Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room Audio System, is a solution for any room in the home where additional playback from their Klipsch Stream system is needed. Each speaker, controlled seamlessly from a phone, tablet or computer, delivers incredible sound to every room. Integrated controls for power, volume and mute are located on the top of each RW-1 wireless speaker for quick control when the consumer’s phone or tablet is in another room.  Additionally, two RW-1 wireless speakers can be pair together for stereo listening using the app.  The RW-1 wireless speaker is available now at $249.

Klipsch Gate Audio Source Converter:

The Klipsch Gate seamlessly connects legacy audio sources (CD player, turnable, etc.) to the all-new Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room Audio System. Simply connect the Klipsch Gate to any audio source to play content throughout the home. The Klipsch Gate can also route audio from the Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room Audio System to an A/V receiver, amplifier, or set of powered speakers via the stereo miniplug output.  The Klipsch Gate is available now at $179.

PowerGate Wireless Stereo Amplifier:

Specified with two 100-watt channels and class D amplifier, the Klipsch PowerGate can be selected and streamed for playback in other rooms where Klipsch Stream products are located. The PowerGate features optical, RCA line-in / phono pre-amp, USB and Bluetooth inputs as well as a 192kHz / 24-bit conversion for playback of high resolution audio files. PowerGate is available today at $499.

Heritage Wireless Three Tabletop Stereo System:

Incorporating real wood veneer and tactile spun copper switches and knobs, the Klipsch Heritage Wireless Three tabletop stereo system blends the acoustics and classic design legacy of Paul W. Klipsch with the latest technologies. The Three features Bluetooth, RCA line-in / phono pre-amp and USB audio inputs and can be used as a standalone stereo system or integrated with the Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room Audio system. The Three will be available at the end of November in two finishes — Walnut and Ebony — at a list of $399.

Here are all the tech specs.