Klipsch Designer Series Architectural Speakers Claim Reduced Installation Time

Klipsch today announces the debut of its Designer Series Architectural speakers with tool-free technology that is designed to simplify and reduce installation time by up to 75 percent.

The patent-pending Sky Hook by Swarm technology is a tool-free, fully automatic, self-adjusting installation system that allows integrators to simply cut a hole, attach wires and insert the speaker into the hole. Sky Hook automatically engages the doglegs, adapting to the surface thickness with a preset clamping force that virtually eliminates the possibility of breaking the dog leg or cracking drywall, while locking in place for an ultra-secure, ultra-fast installation. Removals are just as easy with a quarter turn of a screwdriver.

The Klipsch Designer Series Architectural speaker line is made up of five in-ceiling (DS-160C, DS-160CDT, DS-180CDT, DS-160CSM, DS-180CSM) and two in-wall speakers (DS-160W, DS-250W-LCR). The CDT models use proprietary Controlled Dispersion Technology (hence, CDT), allowing the tweeter and woofer can be aimed up to 15° in any direction, creating maximum installation and placement flexibility.

Here are all the specs.