Klark Teknik DN9680 Expands to 192 Channels and 1,000 Meter Range

klark0114Klark Teknik’s new DN9680 allows up to 192 bi-directional channels of AES50 digital audio to be extended up to 1,000 meters via a dual fibre-optical cable, thereby overcoming the typical 100 meter limitation of Cat5 cable for most audio formats. Klark Teknik designed the DN9680 for use with Midas digital consoles, including support for dual-redundant AES50 networking. Multiple clock source options are available for flexible system integration, which even provides a high-precision one part-per-million (1 ppm) temperature-compensated internal clock reference. Klark Teknik says this offers jitter-free sample-synchronous operation across AES50 networks.

User control is via an internal web server, which allows browser-based configuration via a dedicated Ethernet. It lists for $1,199 USD.

More information will be here.