Kiloview Details Its NDI and AV-over-IP Product Line, Based on IPMX


Kiloview says it not only offers complete NDI solutions, but also makes improvements to its coverage of multiple IP protocols and supports the H.265/H.264 codec to increase flexibility to help end users create more cost-effective workflows across broadcasting, sports, education, conferencing, medical, enterprise, etc.

  • P3 – 5G Bonding Video Encoder: Kiloview’s P3 is a 5G bonding HEVC video encoder. This encoder integrates up to 4CH 5G connections, Wi-Fi and Ethernet, leveraging Kiloview’s Kilolink bonding server to optimize signals across different internet connections. With dual 3G-SDI and HDMI inputs, 4Kp30 support, and a versatile protocol coverage including NDI|HX, SRT, RTMP, RTSP and HLS, Kiloview P3 is suited for multi-event field live broadcasting.
  • E3 – Dual-channel 4K HDMI & 3G-SDI Video Encoder: Kiloview E3 is a video encoder designed to provide video streaming solutions for various applications. With its advanced design, E3 is ideal for live streaming and video transmission scenarios. It supports various input sources, including HDMI and SDI, ensuring compatibility with different cameras and devices. Its encoding capabilities enable users to utilize the video sources from both inputs in multiple ways, either encode simultaneously or mixed with PIP or PBP. This encoder compresses video streams with H.265/HEVC technology, enabling low-latency transmission without compromising video quality. Equipped with multiple streaming protocols like RTMP, RTSP, SRT and NDI|HX3, Kiloview says the E3 offers flexible and reliable video transmission over various networks. Its user-centered interfaces and remote management capabilities make it a versatile choice for content creators and broadcasters.
  • CUBE R1 – A Turnkey Solution for Reliable NDI Recording: Kiloview CUBE R1 is an NDI recorder system designed to capture and store high-quality video content from multiple NDI video sources. With its user-friendly design, CUBE R1 is ideal for on-the-go recording in live events, post-production and content creation scenarios. It supports simultaneous multi-channel NDI recording with custom layouts, providing compatibility with various NDI formats. This recorder system offers flexible recording formats and storage options, enabling users to save their footage in the expected quality and file type. With its “user-friendly” interface and “reliable” performance, Kiloview CUBE R1 is a tool for professional live event organizers and content creators seeking efficient video recording solutions for high-profile post-production.
  • CUBE X1 – A Turnkey Solution for NDI Multiplexed Distribution: Kiloview CUBE X1 redefines NDI signal management with its capabilities. Designed for scheduling, routing and switching, distribution and management of NDI signals, it accommodates up to 16 channel NDI inputs and 32 channel NDI outputs. Its transitions ensure seamless NDI source switching while offering features like multiple distributions, multi-business grouping and NDI signals rotation playback. Supporting various NDI formats, including NDI High Bandwidth, NDI|HX3 and NDI|HX2, CUBE X1 interoperates with any NDI device. The LCD touchscreen empowers real-time monitoring, network, storage and CPU usage tracking. From live events to studio setups, CUBE X1 is a tool for NDI signal facilitation.