Key Digital’s Re-do of the KD-Pro8x8D Includes Audio Pre-Amp and ARC

Key Digital just debuted a new version of their KD-Pro8x8D a UHD/4K, HDCP 2.2 and ARC supporting digital video matrix with audio de-embedding on analog and digital audio connectors. Video outputs feature simultaneously active HDMI and HDBaseT ports for simplistic single-wire integration with displays throughout the distributed video system. Six short range (model KD-X88SHRx) and two long range extenders (model KD-X88LGRx) deliver UHD/4K video up to 125 feet and 300 feet, respectively, and are powered at the matrix switch. IR and RS232 control routing adds up to 34 control ports to third-party control systems.

The KD-Pro8x8D is a full kit including the matrix, six KD-X88SHRx standard-range extenders and two KD-X88LGRx long-range extenders. The matrix has two power connections, one of which is for the matrix and one for all eight of the receive units. The Standard-Range is capable of extending UHD/4K signals up to 125 feet (40 meters) at 4096×2160/60 [4:2:0] and 200 feet (70 meters) at 1080p/60. The Long-Range extenders are capable of extending UHD/4K signals up to 300 feet (100 meters) at 4096×2160/60 [4:2:0] and 500 feet (150 meters) at 1080p/60. All HDBaseT receivers are powered at the matrix.

Each of the eight outputs on the KD-Pro8x8D features audio de-embedding with DSP control. Analog L/R balanced/unbalanced and coax digital connectors output the audio from the selected audio source or returned audio (ARC) from the connected display. Variable control of all pre-amp features including volume, muting, three-band EQ and lip-sync delay enable the audio outputs to feed immediately into power amplifiers and systems. So in addition to handling video distribution needs the KD-Pro8x8D is also an ideal hub for audio distribution.

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Each video source may be routed to a separate output set consisting of an HDMI and an HDBaseT transmitter. Both output connections are simultaneously active, allowing for support for up to 16 displays with eight mirrored, with many bar-restaurant applications deploying mirroring with this product. Using HDBaseT technology, the outputs can carry video, audio and control signals over longer distances than traditional HDMI based wiring.

KD-Pro8x8D features support of HDR10 and here all the specs.

You can see it in action in this video we shot at CEDIA 2019: