Key Digital’s Flexible Control Interface with Four Modes of Use With KD-CX800 third-party control systems and network based apps can boast the Key Digital reliability

The award winning manufacturer of professional A/V and Control systems introduce KD-CX800, a flexible control interface with control gateway for Enterprise AV over IP system, built-in Compass Control Pro Master Controller, third-party control via KeyCode Open API, and control extension via IP.

The KD-CX800 is a control gateway for Key Digital’s Enterprise over IP system. In this mode the unit enables more third-party control options than other HD over IP systems, accepts commands from third-party control systems or Compass Control Pro, and supports generic RS-232, TCP/IP, and IR  Key Digital matrix switching command strings.

When used as a Compass Control Pro Master Controller, the KD-CX800 supports communication to and from licensed iOS and Android devices. The flexible port configuration of IR, RS-232, trigger, and sensor can be set in the Compass Navigator program. The unit has an IR learner/sensor capability, supports up to two real-time bi-directional RS-232 ports, and any TCP/IP devices are controlled directly from the iOS/Android controller while using no ports. Compass Control Pro is Key Digital’s fully integrated control system built from the ground up to use iOS & Android devices to replace traditional control interfaces. Compass Control Pro instantly integrates components from Compass Alliance Partners to create a simple plug and play system. Since it is a digital system, it has no glass ceiling. It functions perfectly for the smallest office to an arena with 200+ controllers in the system. Compass Control Pro has been built and tested for the most complex projects, offering modular programming or custom design with a blank slate that is limited only by imagination. 

For third-party control there is the option of KeyCode Open API. This cost-effective control expansion allows for advanced third-party control systems to instruct KD-CX800 to execute IR, RS-232, or voltage events. It adds reliable hardware interface to network-based control apps, and the robust API allows for bi-directional communication.

The KD-CX800 also offers control extension via IP. This product can carry any supported combination of IR, RS-232, and voltage triggers over the network, extend control signals up to 400’ or even greater distances with adapters, and supports systems with or without network switches.

KD-CX800 joins a suite of Key Digital IP enabled products that are now app ready.  The engineers at Key Digital have created an easy way for installers and users to switch inputs and control Key Digital systems as if you were standing in front of the unit- all from your iOS device.  The Key Digital app can be downloaded free from the App Store.