Key Digital Offers AV Solution for Healthcare Facilities During Global Pandemic


KDM Monitoring System allows healthcare professional to safely care for infectious patients

MOUNT VERNON, NY – July 29, 2020 – Approaching the healthcare and medical industry from an AV perspective requires an in-depth understanding of not only the infrastructure and technical requirements and hurdles, but also an extensive familiarity of the needs of the healthcare professionals and patient experience. In the last few years healthcare professionals began shifting their practices to include more teleconferencing and tele health options to quickly identify and navigate health concerns for patients. In response to the current global health crisis, Key Digital, the leaders in digital video and control systems, created a method for healthcare providers to use their newly acquired teleconferencing skills in an in-patient setting to reduce exposure time by decreasing the amount of time physically spent in each patient’s room. The company is proud to introduce the new Key Digital Medical Monitoring System (KDM Monitoring System) as an innovative solution for the present and ongoing healthcare concerns and the answer to future in-patient tele health needs.

To effectively direct the development of its Medical Monitoring System, Key Digital holds the extremely unique position of retaining a registered nurse on their sales team to participate in the research and development process. In addition to the company’s exhaustive research and analysis for this system, having this individual on the team brings the duality of a full understanding and translation of the intricacies of the in-patient medical field and the identification of the AV needs through the eyes of a seasoned AV professional.

“Key Digital has always operated as a company seeking to solve AV needs with our inventive engineers and extensive product solutions, but this pandemic hits us not just as a technology company, but as individuals with loved ones at risk. In our tight-knit office alone we all bear the burden of worrying about our friends and family both in need of care and facilitating that care courageously in spite of the known risks. This KDM Monitoring System project and our solution is the result of the respective parents, grandparents, children, and relatives of at-risk persons that make up Key Digital coming together to brainstorm ways to contribute positively in such an uncertain and frightening time. We were able to expedite the release of our turn-key solution to meet the needs of the medical community now when it’s needed most. Adopting Key Digital’s Medical Monitoring System now will immediately help reduce the risk of unnecessary exposure between patients and healthcare staff, and we are proud of our positive contribution in this unsettling climate,” said Masha Lakhter, COO of Key Digital.

Fundamentally, the Key Digital Medical Monitoring System is a local network AV solution for effective and immediate telecommunication between patient and nurse in a hospital, hospice, or in-patient facility. In the patient room the system features a 1080p PTZ camera at each patient bed, professional USB speaker and mic combo, and communication link with the nurse’s station initiated by patient via emergency button. The nurse’s station features a dual monitor system with four or sixteen patient view, and full two-way voice link initiated by the nurse using Key Digital® Management Software™, a pre-programmed PC software user interface. Any PC at the nurse’s viewing station can control video, camera, audio, and voice.

After a brief needs-analysis collection, Key Digital will create a turn-key solution to meet the needs of each installation. Systems outside of four and sixteen patients are also possible. The system is completely pre-configured and verified by Key Digital’s engineers before shipping to minimize the amount of installation time necessary in the in-patient environment. To learn more about the KDM Monitoring System please contact the Key Digital sales team, and click here to learn more and to view an exclusive video.