Key Digital Launches HDMI Matrix Switchers with 
Audio De-Embedding, Support of HDCP2.2, UHD/4K

MOUNT VERNON, NY – March 15, 2017 – The Leaders in Digital Video introduce a new product series within their flagship Matrix Switcher product category.  The new KD-4x4CSA and KD-8x8CSA are compliant with HDCP2.2 standards, enabling distribution of encrypted content from popular playback devices like 4K set top boxes, UHD Blu-ray disc players, and 4K streaming players.

KD-4x4CSA and KD-8x8CSA feature support of HDR (High Dynamic Range) video which allows users to experience more life-like images through a greater range of luminance levels.  Key Digital’s HDR delivery is handled as part of their proprietary full-buffer technology (FBT).  Studies have concluded that viewers prefer video signals with more contrast ratio versus higher resolution.  These matrix switchers deliver the highest possible support across both of these highly sought after features.  Whether showing the Big Game or distributing signage content – all viewers will appreciate the heightened quality of picture.

The KD-4x4CSA and KD8x8CSA also feature audio de-embedding.  Analog L/R balanced/unbalanced and a coax digital output the audio from the selected audio source.  Lossless compressed digital audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio are passed through the HDMI connections. These matrix switchers support all SD, HD, and VESA resolutions, have 10.2 Gbps bandwidth for high speed signal distribution, and are 3D ready.

Key Digital deploys their proprietary Full Buffer Technology in these new products to overcome the obstacles of large digital video installation.  KD-4x4CSA and KD-8x8CSA re-clock TMDS signals for long HDMI connectivity using Key Digital recommended cables, authenticate HDCP to sources & displays, and manage the EDID handshake provided to the video source. The EDID control has an internal library with 15 default EDID configurations in addition to native EDID data from an output/display.

KD-4x4CSA and KD-8x8CSA join a suite of Key Digital IP enabled products that are now Key Digital® App Ready.  The engineers at Key Digital have created a simple way for installers and users to switch inputs and control Key Digital systems as if you were standing in front of the unit – all from your iOS device.  Learn more about Key Digital app: KD-App. Demo iOS app can be downloaded from the App Store: Key Digital App.