Key Digital Delivers User-friendly BYOD System to Educators

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KD-BYOD4K offers an all-in-one solution for evolving classroom settings

MOUNT VERNON, NY – November 12, 2020 – As new decisions are drawn up daily for the constantly changing parameters of distance learning and hybrid classrooms, Key Digital, the leaders in digital video and control systems, offers its new take on BYOD 4K wireless presentation gateway devices which has already been met with glowing reviews in its short time on the market. The new KD-BYOD4K for KDPlay™ is now available in-stock and shipping worldwide.

Educators across the globe are grappling with new technologies and requirements, but with the KD-BYOD4K the learning curve couldn’t be easier. Its ease of use and powerful annotation tools makes this stand-alone unit the full solution for the future of education.

Whether utilizing the full presenter mode or simultaneously sharing content from up to four participants in multi-presenter mode, the auto-adjusting screen layout casts from presenters’ laptops, tablets, and smartphones to the display. Using the mouse forwarding feature allows up to four users to connect a mouse or interactive display to the unit to point and click on the casted devices.

The real star of the show for educators is the annotation and white board functions on the KD-BYOD4K. Screen overlay tools provide real-time collaboration with the writing and mark-up implements designed as features and gestures already familiar to educators. Screen captures can be downloaded via QR codes or in the web browser.

For distance learning and video conferencing with dual display setups the unit offers an extended monitor feature. Optimal clarity of shared content is achieved with 4K/UHD output making not only each spreadsheet and document appear with crystal clear quality, but also delivering high-quality video sharing as well.

“BYO devices might have been around a while, but it wasn’t until we needed to integrate such tools with our system designs that we truly learned how frustrating the competitive products are for end-users. As always, our engineers took to heart every nuance necessary to make a more successful content sharing system at a better price-point. One of the main points of praise has been its smooth and superior handling of video and streaming, a stark contrast to other BYO devices on the market. We believe that every educator in the world deserves our easy-to-use KD-BYOD4K and its powerful annotation tools,” said Scott Craig, Key Digital’s National Sales Manager for the Northern United States.

Windows computers, Mac computers, and Android devices cast KD-BYOD4K using the KDPlay™ software while iOS devices cast natively with AirPlay. The KDPlay™ application is easily loaded onto laptops from the KD-BYOD4K web page or by simply plugging in the included KDPlay™ Flash™ for auto launch.