Key Digital Calls 3-Year-Old Technology Game-Changing?

key digital kd byod4k

Key Digital just introduced the KD-BYOD4K, a wireless presentation gateway for the KDPlay system. The company is marketing it as a “Game Changer for Presentation and Collaborations.” Do you agree?

Here’s how it works: You can wirelessly connect via MacOS, Android or Windows (not Chromecast) to the KD-BYOD4K presentation system and project in full-screen (4K resolution HDMI output) or multi-presenter modes (aka 2×2 window). Thus, participants may present and cast content simultaneously without wires — if they want — or a moderator can switch inputs via the device. In multi-presenter mode, up to four presenters may share content simultaneously, and, as was mentioned earlier, you can present from Windows computers, Mac computers and Android devices may cast with the KDPlay software and app, while those using an iOS device natively cast with AirPlay.

KD-BYOD4K features annotation, moderator management and touch screen and mouse control. Overlay tools allow for annotation, and whiteboard screens for collaboration featuring screen captures are downloadable via QR codes or in the web browser. With moderator management, the administrator can start and stop selected device casting via the dock on the display’s side featuring content thumbnail previews and names of paired devices. Utilizing the touch screen and mouse-forwarding features allows a connection by USB. Audio of the casted devices are de-embedded at the unit’s analog L/R audio connector for ease of integration with audio amplification and mixing systems.

Am I missing something? Or does this sound similar to the 8-year-old Barco ClickShare or the 3-year-old Vivitek NovoConnect family of products? However, maybe it’s more like the Extron ShareLink or the Crestron AirMedia 2 (since it is app-based rather than dongle-based)?

So, this is a product that enters the market eight years after the category was invented. Game-changing? I mean, it is a 4K output. But ClickShare added 4K in 2018. Is the price that competitive? What am I missing here?