Key Digital AV Systems Control Options Abound

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Key Digital has built its reputation on providing innovative, feature-packed, flexible, cost-effective and easy-to-install hardware solutions for conference rooms, entertainment venues, public spaces, classrooms, houses of worship and anywhere else that high-quality AV is needed. As all the hardware performance in the world isn’t much good without effective management of sources, destinations and operational parameters, Key Digital also offers control options that make their gear easy to configure and operate. Following recent updates to the capabilities of these control options, Key Digital has applied its user-focused philosophy to its Control Systems & Selection Guide to simplify the process of choosing the control methodologies best suited to a given location.

The Key Digital iOS KD-App is quite often all the control that’s needed to unlock the full potential of Key Digital hardware systems. “Users are as amazed by the ease of system control that the KD-App delivers as they are by the price tag – it’s absolutely free,” says Key Digital’s Jonathon Ferry, VP of Product Education & Experience. “With KD-App, App Ready, IP-enabled Key Digital products, including AV over IP network systems, Unified Communication and Collaboration Solutions, Switchers and Digital Video Processing Solutions, are automatically detected when on a shared local area network.” Network scan and detect populates a pre-built GUI with Key Digital hardware and connected source and display/projector controls where applicable. The GUI provides immediate control of source selection, destination mapping and sophisticated multi-view and video wall display mode selection. Custom presets can be easily created for rapid system re-configuration to commonly used setups.

KD-App for iPad and iPhone, which has a built-in demo mode for experimentation and customer test drives, is available for free download from the Apple App Store. Key Digital gear can also be similarly controlled via the also free KDMS Pro™ for Windows computers.

Key Digital offers a second iOS app, Compass Control® Pro, which instantly integrates with third-party components from Compass Alliance™ Partners to create a plug-and-play system for fully unified control of disparate devices within an entire AV system and beyond. “There are more than 120 partner brands in the Compass Alliance with compatible products ranging from AV gear, including cameras and cable boxes, to ancillary products like lighting, power management, HVAC, security and even automated window shades,” says Ferry. “Compass Control lets you replace all the remotes and traditional control interfaces previously necessary to control an entire venue or facility with one full programmable app and give your end users a custom-tailored graphical interface.”

A single Compass Control license is required per iOS device, available for single devices or in four-, six- or eight-device bundles as a one-time, transferable purchase.

The third primary option in Key Digital’s control arsenal provides a fixed location, programmable button solution. Key Digital’s KD-WP8-2 8 Button Programmable Wall Plate Control Keypad delivers control of any IR, RS-232, or TCP/IP IP controllable device and third-Party Systems via Open API for easy two-way integration with professional control systems and Key Digital’s Compass Control® Pro app.

“The KD-WP8-2 has a clean, unintimidating appearance and intuitive operation that belies the depth of its capabilities,” says DeWayne Rains, Key Digital VP of Sales. “With no-code programming, buttons can be set up for the user that let them choose a function or setup with the touch of a button to trigger a background salvo of commands for source selection and configuration parameter management. The KD-WP8-2 delivers complete simplicity for the operator and the installer, with amazing sophistication – and it’s cost-effective.”

The KD-WP8-2 fits into a single-gang wall box and is PoE powered. The wall plate control is easily programmed via a web GUI to send commands directly to networked IP controlled-devices, or via RS-232 and IR via the built-in control port. The KD-WP8-2 may also be integrated with Key Digital Master Controllers to control additional devices via IR, RS-232 and voltage relay support.

KD-WP8-2 button events may be configured for press, release, toggle, or press and hold action as desired to initiate individual commands or command strings. Along with selectable blue or red backlighting, the KD-WP8-2 comes with multiple transparent icon sheets that are simply inserted beneath detachable transparent button caps for a modern and professional appearance customized to an installation. The keypad also supports key combo lock & unlock and virtual keypad operation. Project setup files may be exported and imported. The Key Digital KD-WP8-2 is available to ship from stock at an MSRP of $425 (USD).

“For all Key Digital gear, for displays and projectors, and for a host of additional AV gear,” says Rains, “Key Digital has a choice of control solutions. Code-free programming and ease of operation are the guiding philosophy behind all the options and the updated Key Digital Control Systems & Selection Guide makes it easy to choose the perfect solution for any installation.”