Kenton Forsythe Renounces Use of “Forsythe Audio Systems” Brand

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Not only did we scoop all the ProAV pubs on this one, we scooped the audio pubs too!

We got a tip last week from an EAW insider that Ken Berger (a cofounder of EAW) was starting a company to compete directly with EAW. In fact, we were even told that Berger’s new company was going to be called Forsythe Audio Systems. Why does that matter? Well, Forsythe is the last name of Ken Berger’s former partner, Kenton Forsythe, whom he founded EAW with.

Well, we called LOUD Technologies, parent company of EAW through the Mackie/EAW buyout, last week and they wouldn’t directly comment on the issue. But, Ken Berger did. In fact, he told rAVe, “They will care [about Forsythe Audio] when we go in competition with them.” Berger wouldn’t tell rAVe exactly when that would be, but hinted that it may be soon.

Now, LOUD Technologies has decided to comment (in fact they are actively RENOUNCING Ken Berger’s use of Kenton Forsythe’s last name as part of his new venture) on Ken Berger’s plans through this EXCLUSIVE press release given to rAVe:

Kenton Forsythe Renounces Use of  “Forsythe Audio Systems” Brand

WOODINVILLE, WA – June 15, 2009 – Kenton Forsythe, EAW VP and Executive Engineer, spoke out today on Ken Berger’s apparent launch of the “Forsythe Audio Systems” brand at PALM Beijing in late May.

“First and foremost, I want to be crystal clear: I am not involved in any way with Ken Berger or the outfit that presented the so-called Forsythe Audio Systems brand at PALM. I am outraged to see my name, and the name of a company I co-owned with Lew Freedman in the 1970s, used this way,” explained Forsythe.

Responding to eyewitness reports that the products introduced at PALM appear to be EAW knockoffs, Forsythe stated, “I do not endorse the products Ken is attempting to sell under my name, nor does EAW. More importantly none of our authorized suppliers are involved in Forsythe Audio Systems’ production. Only authentic EAW products include our spec components and deliver renowned EAW performance and reliability.”

“Given Ken’s reputation as an industry innovator and visionary, I’m saddened and disappointed to see him attach both of our names to such activities,” added Forsythe. “As I have for the past 30 years, I am fully involved with EAW new product development and look forward to several exciting product launches later this year. I am 100% dedicated to the EAW brand and I’m not going anywhere.”

Here’s the official Wikipedia entry for Forsythe Audio (a good history).