KEF to Debut Wireless Speaker System at CEDIA

X300a-Wireless-0913KEF will launch at CEDIA the X300A Wireless Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System, which is basically a wireless version of the company’s X300A desktop speakers. This speaker system is capable of streaming via Airplay or DLNA from Apple or Android devices and includes four dedicated amplifiers (two per speaker), two discrete DACs and a high resolution 96kHz/24-bit distortion-free digital USB connection (in wired mode).

Configuring the X300A Wireless is accomplished via a ‘setup wizard’ (for OS and Windows), available for download from KEF says the X300A was designed with the ability to switch between desk, free space and desk/wall modes, to adjust the equalization for location (desk and stand modes are selected via a switch on the rear panel of the master speaker; wall mode is adjusted using a foam plug for the rear reflex port).

All the specs on the $999 X300A are here.