Kaptivo Expands Whiteboard Camera Line with Self-Hosted and HDMI Solutions

Kaptivo today announced the release of Kaptivo Self-Hosted and Kaptivo HDMI. The on-premise Kaptivo Self-Hosted is ideal for organizations looking to improve collaboration through whiteboard archiving and sharing while accommodating strict security policies that restrict access to cloud services. No traffic leaves the corporate network and no internet access is required. The whiteboard camera system sits securely within the network, keeping valuable company IP under the control of IT.

Kaptivo HDMI streams any whiteboard directly to any HDMI-capable display, video conference codec or lecture capture system. It’s designed for educational institutions and enterprises who wish to integrate whiteboard livestreaming into dedicated video systems.

Kaptivo Enterprise is available now for $995 which includes the Kaptivo hardware and three-year cloud service (SaaS) license.

Here are the details.