Kaptivo Introduces an Enterprise Version of Their Whiteboard Capture Technology

Kaptivo today announced Kaptivo Enterprise, a new product specifically designed to provide live whiteboard sharing within the corporate meeting rooms, breakout rooms, and huddle rooms.

Kaptivo Enterprise will be available October 2017 (for $699 plus an annual subscription service of $300). 
Kaptivo claims to transform any standard dry-erase whiteboard into an online collaboration tool. The device is a connected micro-optical camera and advanced processor that sits above any whiteboard. Whiteboards can be shared to anyone via the browser-based Kaptivo client and are securely saved in the cloud with every change.

Kaptivo Enterprise follows Kaptivo Office by using the same proprietary embedded software and patented computer vision technology to automatically identify and extract only important content. This means that Kaptivo eliminates people in front of the whiteboard and other visual distractions such as background shadows, reflections and old marker residue left on the board. Other key Kaptivo benefits include: eliminating the need to take notes or photos of the whiteboard; automatically, capturing an intelligent archive of all board content changes; “rewinding” the whiteboard to a particular point in the meeting to see how an idea developed and sharing a timeline of content that is generated as a PDF document — all without any change to the whiteboarding workflow.

Kaptivo Enterprise features include:

  • Share the live whiteboard image remotely to any web browser on any device
  • Screen-share in video conferences to all participants anywhere Capture & Save
  • Automatically capture an image archive of all board changes
  • Download and share the whole meeting as a multi-page presentation
  • Enhanced tools for content management: search, translate, annotate and organize whiteboard content
  • Ethernet or wireless connectivity to network
  • All content served from the device itself; no content is ever stored in the cloud
  • No media storage required
  • SSL data encryption for all communication
  • On-premise hosting option available
  • Works with any size of whiteboard or glass board up to 6′ x 4′
  • As easy as hanging a picture frame – no technical skills needed
  • Takes typically less than three minutes to set up
  • Custom length wiring available
  • Can be powered through PoE connection

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