Kaleidescape Promotes Warner Bros Deal as “Game Changer;” I Say “NOT”

kaleidescape-1212Yesterday, Kaleidescape announced it signed a multi-year agreement with Warner Bros. Digital Distribution to offer films for purchase. In addition, the company will upgrade all Warner Bros. titles purchased through the Kaleidescape Store to UltraViolet in March 2013. The company went as far as saying that the UltraViolet deal is, “giving users a powerful way to enjoy their collection across their various devices.” This agreement also enables aKaleidescape owner to convert Warner Bros. titles that were previously imported to theirKaleidescape movie server to UltraViolet or to upgrade their Warner Bros. titles from standard definition to high definition – both for a small fee.

Well, first of all, UltraViolet is stupid. In fact, just Google “UltraViolet failure” and see how many articles just simply talk about how much of a failure it is and how people aren’t using it. Still don’t believe us? Well, how about Googling “Ultraviolet success.” You’ll see that even when changing the word from failure to success even most of the articles that Google finds talk about the system’s failure to gain any successful traction.

So, no Kaleidescape, this is NOT a so-called game changer. Why in the heck would anyone buy into this when you can get content like this using iTunes and an AppleTV or a ROKU media player? Seriously?

They explained in the press announcement that, “We couldn’t be more excited about working with Warner Bros. and offering this extensive catalog of well-known and well-loved titles to our customers,” said Michael Malcolm, founder, chairman and CEO ofKaleidescape.  “In addition, the inclusion of UltraViolet in our service will give owners of Kaleidescape movie servers a whole new way to enjoy their content.”

Through this licensing agreement, Kaleidescape System owners will initially have the ability to buy thousands of Warner Bros. titles via the Kaleidescape Store. When UltraViolet functionality is launched in March 2013, available titles that are purchased now will be automatically upgraded to UltraViolet at no additional charge. These titles can then be accessed through UltraViolet compatible applications including Flixster.

Good luck with this…

Here’s how you find Kaleidescape: http://www.kaleidescape.com/