Kaleidescape and DVDCCA End Decade-Long Kerfuffle

kaleidescape_logo-0614Kaleidescape and the DVD Copy Control Association, Inc., the licensor of CSS (Content Scramble System), announced this month an agreement to jointly end their decade-long lawsuit.

Kaleidescape and the DVD CCA jointly settled the case in the 6th District of the California State Court of Appeal and the Superior Court of Santa Clara County. Under the terms, Kaleidescape agreed to drop its appeal of the superior court injunction, which has been stayed by the Court of Appeal since 2012. DVD CCA and Kaleidescape have agreed that Kaleidescape will be subject to the injunction starting on November 30, 2014. Systems sold by Kaleidescape after that date will no longer be able to import CSS-protected DVDs, and such DVDs will only be playable from the physical disc. It will still be possible to play a physical DVD starting at the beginning of the feature, or jump directly to a favorite scene or song.

The superior court, at the request of the companies, modified the injunction so that it takes effect Nov. 30, 2014, allowing Kaleidescape to continue selling systems that import CSS-protected DVDs through Nov. 29. By then, Kaleidescape expects to have most DVD movies available for download from the Kaleidescape Store in the U.S. For markets outside the U.S., the Kaleidescape system will be sold after November 29 as a Blu-ray movie server only.

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