Kahoot! App Now Available for BenQ Boards

benq board rp series

BenQ announced that the Kahoot! app is now available on BenQ Boards. BenQ says the learning and engagement platform is used by 8 million educators worldwide and they partnered with Kahoot! so educators and students can collect, discuss, and vote on ideas from the BenQ Board as seamlessly as from their laptops and mobile devices.

Kahoot! Forces use of the interactivity offered by BenQ smart boards to help turn regular lessons into fun and exciting learning experiences. With the Kahoot! app, teachers can create polls, educational games, and team competitions instantly to keep their students engaged and focused. When running on BenQ interactive displays, Kahoot! allows students to participate in activities from the comfort of their own seats or from anywhere using BenQ’s InstaShare wireless screen-sharing app.

The germ-resistant BenQ Boards are purpose-built for teachers so that they can provide exciting learning opportunities, starting from the moment they sign on. Encouraging active participation in class while protecting student and teacher health, the germ-resistant BenQ Boards boast BenQ’s Tap ‘N Teach technology, which features one-tap NFC log-in to load lesson materials and interactive teaching apps, cloud storage, settings, and tools instantly and securely. The smart boards also feature a germ-resistant screen, pen, and remote; split windows for multitasking; array microphones; 16W speakers with 16W Dolby Digital Plus surround sound; InstaShare wireless screen sharing; new Eyesafe® technology for reducing blue light emissions; and more.

Teachers can use their BenQ Board like a whiteboard, display, computer, and wireless screen-sharing system, thanks to BenQ’s license-free EZWrite 6 software. It’s packed with classroom tools for all subjects, including timers, rulers, protractors, compasses, and more. EZWrite 6 also lets educators save whiteboard sessions in the cloud, allowing them to continue giving lessons at a later date, or for students to access on any device and refer to later. They can also open documents and image files directly on the whiteboard to facilitate discussions. To complement the experience, the split-screen windows function enables multiple applications to be opened side by side — with no need to tap between content — making it even easier to conduct lessons and further comprehension.