K-array Launches New Brand, ‘KGear’


K-array today launched a new brand called KGEAR aimed at the Home AV, ProAV install and rental markets. KGEAR’s product portfolio can be divided into two main areas: High Performance and Installed Sound. These include column systems, line-arrays, ceiling and wall mount speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers for applications ranging from large venues and commercial buildings to room-sized, residential environments.

“In the past two years, we took the chance to refocus ourselves and start dreaming and designing in a different, challenging perspective,” Alessandro Tatini, co-founder, CEO and President of R&D, K-array, said during today’s press conference. “To draw the very essence of K-array and apply it to create a more accessible product line without sacrificing the quality and performance we have been worldwide known for.”

Massimo Ferrati (co-founder, CFO of K-array) continued, “KGEAR is an idea we’ve been carrying with us for many years now. Being able to invest and dedicate our time and effort to make it come true in such a special moment is the result of a deeper process we undertook a long time ago. We’re proud to make this addition to our path and give a new expression to our innovation.”