K-array creates the future of sound at Swiss Railway

swiss1In 2013 you may remember the announcement of our new relationship with Swiss distributor ZAP audio. Since then, ZAP audio have been busy working on some major projects using K-array audio. On this occasion, K-array technology was essential for the SBB/CFF Swiss Railway exhibition showcasing the future of a monumental refurbishment and redevelopment of the Lausanne Station, which is becoming a key strategic hub for the infrastructure of Switzerland by 2030.

Created for the Taz Communication Agency, in partnership with Motiongraphics, ZAP audio were commissioned to create a sophisticated sound system in an exhibition space at the Lausanne Station that demonstrated an authentic experience of what the station will look, feel and sound like in the future. There were dedicated acoustical and visual spaces used for this ambitious installation to captivate the passing public with sample exhibits of the future.

The challenge for ZAP audio was to create a train station ambience that would awaken new senses of hearing, emphasising a new sound of the future and accurately represent the vision of the architects. ZAP audio created a montage of sounds from arriving trains to the train station announcements and passengers in contrast with the historic ambiences heard from the past. This was achieved using 16 K-Array KAN200 (Anakonda) speakers and 4 K-Array KU36 sub-basses which were split into four different stereo zones connected to each exhibition board on the station platforms. Two ultra directional K-Array KV50s were installed on top of the two large LCD screens that played out the visual interviews from the wall directly to the audience.

“K-array was able to fit almost anywhere within the exhibition space providing invisibility that was important in order to create the emotive response we wanted to achieve.“
Pierre-André Aebischer, ZAP Audio