K-array “on air” for broadcast in China

php9hb1eoAMConsidering the amount of distinguished installations and events K-array have been involved in over the past few years it is apparent that China share a passion for Italian design and intelligent solutions when choosing the right audio. It has all been made possible through the active involvement of local distributor Sennheiser China.

At InfoComm China last April we met with Steven Chen of Hensontec who is very active in the world of broadcast, he described many occasions in which K-array has been exemplary in 2014 so far.

In China, singing talent shows are enjoying a great success at the moment including the famous: Song of China created by CCTV. The transmission provides moments of music interspersed with interviews, news and showbiz flare. You could call it a “talk show” with a twist.
They constructed a system of several KR102s, KR202s and KK102s which were installed close to the audience, balustrades and staircases particular for speech. This has proven to be an optimal audio solution for perfect intelligibility when combining a live and television audience.

A very similar solution was also used for another talent show: “The Voice” China (which recorded 1.2 million viewers), also very well known in Europe. KR102s, KR202s and KK102s were used to create a surround sound effect for the live audience. In this particular set up it was necessary to install an add-on solution for the “judges” of the program. They needed to clearly hear the voice of the singers from their armchairs which are turned away from the contestants. If the singers voice is good, the judge will turn around and recognise their talent but an optimum audio solution is required to do so. To help the judges make their decision, KZ12s were installed into the structure of the chair, appropriately painted red to look invisible.

Although radio is not quite the power house of entertainment as it once was, in comparison to television it can still draw a crowd to celebrate great music and the annual gathering of the faithful Qinghai Radio at Lake Qinghai was no exception. The gathering of hundreds came together for three long days of concerts: the venue includes of a huge field where you can relax and of course listen to all types of music. This was a perfect set up for the K-array KH4 and KS4 to showcase what they can do. The coaching staff had to travel for days to reach the venue and the speakers which are compact and lightweight made it easier to manage. “The K-array system made such ​​a difference.” “For this occasion, we used a system consisting of 4x KH4s, 4x KS4s and as many KO40s as we could, precisely suited to these large spaces. A real success, followed by hundreds of people.”

A special thanks goes to Ziqian Chen, Technical Manger and Trainer of Sennheiser Sound Academy China, for the continuous and energetic contribution to this interview.