We Just Shot 1,550+ Videos (and Posted 200+ New Product Articles and Recorded 75+ Podcasts) at InfoComm 2018

The 2018 version of InfoComm came to a close last week, but our coverage will live forever — on our dedicated InfoComm 2018 Microsite! We shot 1,550+ new product videos, took 2,000+ photos on the show floor, recorded more than 75 podcasts and wrote up 200 or so news stories covering the show. Check it all out on our InfoComm 2018 Microsite here.

We have so much coverage — and there’s so much information on this InfoComm MicroSite that it can be overwhelming. So, please take moment to read this so we can familiarize you with what’s here on the site that holds all our coverage.

First off, we’re an official media partner with InfoComm. This site is NOT intended to be a replacement for attending the show live — you can’t replace an experience like that. However, it’s meant to augment an attendance. And, we are hoping this helps bring the InfoComm show to the rest of the world! And, we hope you will want to attend next year’s event in Orlando, Florida, June 12-14, 2019

The first thing you will see — and the most popular thing we do at shows — is the VIDEO SEARCH. It’s right on the top left and allows you to search by product name, company name or any term you can think of.

But, at the top of the home page (or any page you navigate to), you will see tabs that all correspond to different places and posts on this InfoComm Microsite. The “home” page is sort of an aggregate of a little of each of the coverage in one place — sort of a “launch” page. To the right of the “InfoComm2018″ tab (where everything is aggregated — and where you’re possibly reading this story now — if you’re reading this inside one of our newsletters, go to the Microsite here you will see the NEWS & BLOGS page. This is where we post all the blogs and news stories that we write — as well as commentary — written by our team of reporters on-site at the show (and when you click on — or hover over with your mouse) the tab header NEWS & BLOGS, you’ll see a section called PRESS RELEASES — that is where you can, literally, see news stories on every single product launched at InfoComm — yes, all of them).

To the right of the NEWS tab is the VIDEOS section — this is where we post ALL the videos we shot at InfoComm — every single one — over 1,500. We have them broken out by both product category (14 categories based on product types) as well as PERSONAL interviews we conducted with an assortment of market leaders (those are under Personal Interviews category).

On the right of that is rAVe RADIO. These are all the PODCASTS we recorded at InfoComm (we recorded over 75 of them). Next to that we have over 2,000+ PHOTOS we shot during InfoComm — all of these were shot at 5760 x 3840 resolution). And, what’s nice about the photos section is that they are broken out by booth/exhibitor — just click on any company logo you see and it will take you to all the photos we shot in their booth!

We hope you find this InfoComm 2018 Microsite useful and productive. And, while using it, if you have ANY suggestions to make it better for future shows, just send us an email at pr@ravepubs.com — we do pay attention to your ideas!