Just Add Power Announces ISE Plans, Including Two New Additions to 3G Ultra HD Over IP Line

justaddpower-ise-0116Just Add Power (Stand 5-R108) has announced that its range of Ethernet-based HDMI distribution devices will expand further with the launch four new products at Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam. Most notably, two new products are being added to their latest 3G Ultra HD over IP platform- which was winner of ‘Best Multiroom AV’ product at CEDIA Dallas and is designed for matrixing any combination of 4K, Full HD 1080p and lower resolutions from HDMI 2.0 or earlier version HDMI devices over a GB network.

The first addition to the 3G Ultra HD over IP platform to be unveiled at ISE 2016 is the 3G+AVP Rackmount Transmitter. This 1U rackmountable device with three 3G+AVP Ultra HD over IP Transmitters built in delivers 4K with HDPC 2.2 support, 1080p or lower resolution content from three HDMI 2.0 or 1.x sources over a local area network using a Layer 3 Gigabit Managed Switch, to be decoded by a 3G+AVP Receiver at the display locations. The 3G+AVP Receivers are able to downscale a 4K signal with HDCP 2.2 to 1080p for viewing on HDMI 1. x screens and also upscale a Full HD 1080p or lower signal from any HDMI 1.x device, outputting it at a maximum of 4K 2160p for viewing on 4K TVs. If you don’t want the receivers to scale source content up or down, there is a selectable passthrough mode on each receiver, which delivers the same video resolution output by the source directly to the TV. This passthrough mode is useful for new 4K panels with scaling functionality, as it will allow the installer to choose which upscaling process is best for the end users application.

justaddpower-ise2-0116The second addition to the 3G Ultra HD over IP platform is the 3G+HIFI Transmitter with local HDMI output for 4K distribution projects that require support for uncompressed multichannel audio formats up to and including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. The 3G+HIFI Transmitter is capable of sending the uncompressed digital audio formats over the network (Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X). 3G+HIFI Transmitters work with existing 3G+AVP Receivers, described above, and can be mixed and matched in the same network as 3G+AVP Transmitters. The 3G+HIFI Transmitters are only necessary for use with sources outputting uncompressed multichannel audio formats. For 5.1 multichannel or stereo audio formats, along with downmixing 5.1 to be output as stereo in individual zones and injecting LINE or MIC audio, installers can use the 3G+AVP Transmitters that have a licensed Dolby Digital Processor on board.

With all 3G Ultra HD over IP of products from Just Add Power, integrators need one transmitter per HDMI 2.0 or 1.x source, one receiver per HDMI 2.0 or 1.x  display and a Layer 3 Gigabit Managed Switch with a suitable number of ports in order to create any size of 4K-capable HDMI matrix with HDCP 2.2 support and 4K to 1080p up/downscaling capabilities.  The third generation of Just Add Power hardware is ideal for projects in which integrators are faced with having 4K / HDMI 2.0 panels with HDCP 2.2 only in the primary viewing zones but legacy 1080p or earlier panels elsewhere. In this scenario, the 3G+ Ultra HD over IP transmitters and receivers are able make a 4K source device with HDCP 2.2, such as the Sony FMP-X10 UHD player or Amazon Fire TV with UHD, be simultaneously viewed in 2160p (4K UltraHD) on 4K displays and in 1080p on Full HD displays, without any additional signal management hardware required.

In addition to these new 3G Ultra HD over IP products, a new 19″ Razor Shelf accessory device will be on show that can hold up to 13 individual Just Add Power 2G/2G+ or 3G  transmitters or receivers vertically in any desired combination. As Just Add Power products work in conjunction with a Layer 3 Gigabit Managed Switch to allow integrators to build any size of HDMI matrix with any desired combination of inputs  from 2×2 to 4000×65000, the ability to more neatly integrate large numbers of individual Just Add Power TX and RX into a rack will be welcomed by installers working on large-scale residential and commercial HDMI over IP installs.

The final new product to be shown at ISE 2016 is an IR Dongle device; an RS232 to IR converter that allows for full IR control of integrated sources and displays in any 2G/2G+ or 3G Just Add Power HDMI over IP install. This most useful addition to the product lineup is compatible with all Just Add Power devices with serial ports, and reduces hardware costs associated with HDMI over IP installs, where previously extra control system hardware would have been necessary to deliver IR control.

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