Just Add Power’s Advanced Matrix Programmer Software Platform Now Works With MaxColor 4K60 Series Devices

Just Add Power

Just Add Power today announced that its Advanced Matrix Programmer (AMP) software platform now provides configuration for systems using MaxColor 4K60 Series devices, as well as those from the company’s 3G Ultra and legacy 2G Omega product lines.

Just Add Power’s AMP – Multicast is designed for environments with existing infrastructure or special network requirements that don’t allow for a dedicated AV distribution switch. Just Add Power says that AMP canstreamline the process of setting up individual devices by discovering them on the local network, presenting them in a list, then allowing installers to name them, configure their IP addresses and assign channels to transmitters. AMP also assists with updates when new firmware is released. AMP – VLAN is designed for environments where a dedicated AV distribution switch can be implemented and sets up both the individual Just Add Power devices as well as the network switch.

Both versions are included in the AMP software download and include setup of the MaxColor 4K60 transmitter and receiver, which natively support 4K60 in and out to allow end users to play Ultra HD video from the growing number of 4K sources and devices on the market. Once the Just Add Power system is configured, AMP provides a user interface to control source switching. The software supports all current Luxul products and NETGEAR M4250 switches; Cisco support will soon follow.